Considering the recent escalation in gas prices, many proud owners are understandably concerned about their 2011 Ford Explorer gas mileage.  The same is undoubtedly true for owners of any given year of Ford’s well-liked Explorer model. While certainly not outstanding fuel misers, these enormously popular Ford utility vehicles can and do deliver reasonable fuel efficiency when operated responsibly within their particular performance range.  That was pretty acceptable for most owners prior to the dramatic rise in gas prices over the last year or so, but the price increases are starting to hurt. You may not notice it much given the way the owners of trucks and utility vehicles such as the Ford Explorer routinely sail by you on the freeway at twenty or so miles per hour over the speed limit. And you certainly don’t see many owners practicing smooth gradual acceleration and speed moderation, but they are beginning to feel the pinch nonetheless. Internet searches for 2011 Ford Explorer gas mileage solutions are on the rise and everyone is looking for simple inexpensive ways to stretch their vehicle’s fuel mileage without having to sacrifice their lead-footed driving styles. It’s a tall order, but there are some things you can do.

Increasing 2011 Ford Explorer Gas Mileage

2011 Ford Explorer Gas Mileage

2011 Ford Explorer Gas Mileage

You already know that you need to slow down and learn to accelerate your Explorer with minimal throttle. Surprisingly you can often save fuel without irritating less practical drivers by determining your Explorers optimum acceleration rate and the accompanying throttle angle needed to get up to speed just fast enough to be reasonable.  Unless you really crawl away from stoplights and stop signs, you’re not likely to irritate too many other motorists and you will conserve fuel by learning how to ease out of the throttle as your vehicle comes up to speed. Keep in mind that throttle opening (gas pedal) and engine load (rate of acceleration) dictate engine speed and the number of power strokes per minute required to attain a particular speed and then maintain it. Once you are up to speed, it doesn’t take much to keep your vehicle moving on level ground and you can frequently get out of the throttle altogether and let your vehicle coast in gear on longer downhill stretches. When you do this with a modern fuel injected vehicle like the Ford Explorer the fuel injectors are shut off completely and you are using no fuel whatsoever as long as you are coasting in gear.  If you can train yourself to modify your driving style to accommodate simple steps such as this, you will reap the rewards at the pump.

Your 2011 Ford Explorer gas mileage can also be extended by slightly elevating your tire pressures and maintaining them religiously.  Since your vehicle is already fully developed to maximum economy from the factory, there are few modifications that will make a major difference, but you can effect small gains by minimizing weight and aerodynamic drag and planning your driving to accommodate all your errands in one trip. Since gasoline weighs six pounds per gallon a full tank is approximately equal to carrying an average size male passenger with you all the time. Try operating on a half a tank or less most of the time and you’ll reduce weight significantly and lessen the load on your engine. Minimize aerodynamic drag by eliminating all external accessories that are not absolutely necessary, i.e. roof racks, grill guards, push bars, winches, etc.  These simple and easy to implement steps are all it takes to get a respectable start on improving your 2011 Ford Explorer gas mileage.

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